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VLC media player 1.0.3  

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Description: Free and Open Source cross-platform media player
Supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs
Features a complete streaming server, with extended features (video on demand, on the fly transcoding, ...)
MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 / DivX files from a hard disk, a CD-ROM drive, and so on
DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs
From satellite cards (DVB-S)
Several types of network streams: UDP/RTP Unicast, UDP/RTP Multicast, HTTP, RTSP, MMS, etc.
From acquisition or encoding cards (on GNU/Linux and Windows only)


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Change Log

Change Log:

* Fix a crash in mjpeg demuxer

* Romanian added


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